Plans & Pricing

Some students want to take just a single lesson here or there, others want to study on a regular basis… That is all ok with me and I will be happy to match your needs!

For best results, I do recommend taking lessons on a regular basis. This can be weekly, bi-weekly, twice a week…
For kids, young learners and beginners, a weekly schedule (or at least close to weekly) is highly recommended.

Price for a Single 60 Minute Lesson
no commitments, total freedom, just one lesson …
7000 Yen

Discount for Regular Students & Young Learners

If you wish to study on a regular basis with me, you can purchase a batch of 4 lessons at a discounted price. Those lessons do not have to be weekly, they can occur whenever you like but have to be used within a period of 2 months.

4x 60 Minute Lessons 24.000 Yen
(6000 Yen per lesson)
4x 45 Minute Lessons 20.000 Yen
(5000 Yen per lesson)
4x 30 Minute Lessons
14.000 Yen
(3500 Yen per lesson)

Weekly Lessons for Kids & Young Learners
(12 years and under)

I offer a special price for young learners who wish to take weekly lessons with me.

45-minute lessons 4000 Yen
(per lesson)
30-minute lessons3000 Yen
(per lesson)

* Fees must be paid by cash or transfer before the first class of each month or lesson package.
* Fees for the young learners weekly lessons must be paid for one month in advance, prior to each month.
* Transfer options are bank to bank or PayPal.
* All bank/PayPal charges must be paid by the student.
* Prices include tax.
* Once you pay for a batch, you will have committed to receiving 4 lessons. No refunds.

* * Note: I am not only a music educator but also an active performer doing concerts, recording sessions and the likes. Sometimes it can happen, that the regular day and time will not be available due to my performance schedule, and that I have to move a lesson to another day, in rare cases even short notice. If we can not find another date for an already paid lesson within that same month, you can take that lesson over to the next month and credit the amount. No lessons will get lost!