Plans & Pricing

Some students may want to take just a single lesson here or there, others want to study weekly… That is all ok with me and I will be happy to match your needs!

In general, I do recommend taking lessons on a regular basis. This can be weekly, bi-weekly, twice a week…
For kids, young learners and beginners, a weekly schedule (or at least close to weekly) is highly recommended.
If you are an advanced player and just want to check in with me once in a while to make sure that you don’t develop bad habits in your self-studies, and to get some fresh inspiration – an irregular pattern “a la carte” can work and will give you the necessary input to continue by yourself.

Private Online LessonsPrice
One 60 Minute Lesson
no commitments, total freedom, just one lesson …
6600 Yen
4x 60 Minute Lessons
(recommended for regular students)

You purchase lessons in packages of 4. This means that once you
pay, you will have committed to receiving 4 lessons.
These lessons do not have to be weekly, they can occur whenever you like but within a period of 2 months.
24000 Yen
(6000 Yen per lesson)
* for other lesson lengths, plans and formats, please ask.

Monthly Lessons for Kids & Young Learners
(High school age and under)

* Minimum of 3 lessons/month

30-minute lessons
(recommended for young children)
3000 Yen
(per lesson)
45-minute lessons4000 Yen
(per lesson)
60-minute lessons5000 Yen
(per lesson)

* Fees must be paid by cash or transfer before the first class of each month or lesson package.
* Transfer options are bank to bank or PayPal.
* All bank/PayPal charges must be paid by the student.
* Prices include tax.