Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also teach face-to-face lessons?

Currently I teach my private lessons online only, but I might add on-location lessons in the future.
Get in touch with me if you are interested.

Do you have a lower age limit for your lessons?

I don’t have a lower age limit for my lessons. As long as the child is interested and able to concentrate and follow instructions, I will be happy to give it a try.

What do I need for the online drum lessons?

– Instrument (drums, practice pad, some old books to play on, …)
– Laptop <<recommended) /computer/tablet
– the free Zoom or Skype software
– a stable internet connection

What are your prices

Please click here for a list of my plans and prices.

Where are you located?

I live in the Greater Tokyo Area in Japan.

What languages do you teach in?

I teach in English, German and Japanese.

Do you teach group lessons?

Yes, you can hire me for group lessons and workshops. Please get in touch regarding details.

I don’t have a drumset or practice pad yet, can I still get started?

Absolutely no problem! Get a pair of drum sticks and some old magazines or an old book to play on and you are ready to go! You can practice everything you need in the beginning like this – coordination, rhythms, technique…

Do I need special equipment for the online lessons, like an external webcam or microphone, etc.?

Not necessarily. The build-in camera on most devices has a good enough quality for our lessons. However, an external webcam will allow you to change the angle and position of the camera freely without changing the screen position, and therefore will be a great tool for the lessons. If you decide to stick with online learning, adding a webcam might be a good choice.

An external microphone can be useful for me to hear you speak and your instrument clean and clear, especially if you choose to have your computer far from the drums. To give me your best sound, I recommend using a USB condenser microphone.

Some students use a USB lavalier microphone, clipped to their shirt. That way I can hear the student’s talking very clean and clear, as well as the drums.

Is there anything I need to know about the internet connection?

The internet speed and stability makes a big difference, therefore I recommend connecting your computer via ethernet cable for best results. If that is not possible, try to get the wifi-router as close to your device as possible. The video and sound quality will improve noticeably and therefore the whole lesson experience.