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Drummer & Educator | Tokyo | Japan

Do you want to experience inspiring drum lessons without the hassle of leaving your home and traveling to a lesson studio?

Do you want to enjoy an efficient, time-saving, and highly convenient learning style, personalized to your specific needs and dreams?

… then this might be the right place for you!

Welcome to Learn Drums Anywhere!

Come on in and have a look around, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I will be happy to answer them for you.

I am looking forward to drum with you soon!


about my lessons

I enjoy working with a wide variety of students, from children to seniors, and from total beginners to advanced and experienced players. You are never too young or too old to enjoy playing the drums and making music!

Everybody is unique!

… therefore I use creative and individualized approaches for each student, depending on their musical interests, learning style and needs. This is very important to me, because I want to help and support you as good as I can. “I can’t do this” or “this is to difficult to learn” doesn’t exist for me. I will find a way for you to learn it!

It’s about you

I will pick you up wherever you are, and after we define goals and wishes together, will work towards those in a structured, practice-oriented and personalized way. Of course we will have as much fun as possible, because that’s what music is all about, but a little sweat here and there will be unavoidable 😉

  • Bring in your favorite song and learn how to play it
  • Learn how to play different styles of music (Jazz/Rock/Pop/Latin/Hip Hop/…)
  • Develop your technique, coordination, sound & control
  • Learn how to read and write music
  • Learn to improvise and to play solos
  • Learn how to play in a band
  • Prepare for college exams and auditions

… and if you don’t know yet what you want to do, no worries… we will find out together!

Lesson Philosophy

I will be happy to work on anything you are interested in, but no matter what your level and target of studies might be, it is very important to me that you develop a strong basis in overall technique, musical styles and grooves, reading and musicality. Being versatile, open minded, and having a strong foundation to build on will open up many doors and possibilities for you on your musical journey… and you never know what chances and situations will arise for you, so let’s get ready!

Good Music is Good Music!

I love Jazz and most of my work as a performer is in the Jazz field, however, I just love music in general!
I can get as exited about a great Rock Band, as I can get about a great classical performance, or folk music, latin music, Pop, or whatever it might be. If it’s been done with love, heart and passion, I’m sure I will be touched by it… Good Music is Good Music – regardless of style!!


My mother tongue is German, but I also teach in English and Japanese. Anyway, it doesn’t matter where we all come from and where we live. Music and drumming is a universal language and I am sure we will find ways to communicate.

learning online

Online Lessons – Convenience and Opportunity

Live online music lessons are booming, and that for a good reason: They work great!

Online lessons give you the opportunity to study with a teacher who matches you well and offers exactly what you need, no matter where you or the teacher live

Online drum lessons are very convenient! You can take drum lessons from the comfort of your home, while traveling from your hotel room, from anywhere!
Forget about the hassle of getting ready and leaving your home. No more worries about taking crowded trains or walking through the rain, plus you will save the cost and time for traveling to the teacher’s drum lesson studio… not to mention the added safety for you and your family, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic…

A benefit for me as the teacher is that I can work with you using your own instruments and the same environment that you will use for practicing. That helps me to make sure that you get the most out of your situation.

You might wonder if this method of learning is as effective and comparable with traditional face-to-face instruction?!
From my experience, “Yes, it is!
The personal one-on-one experience is still given, and the advancement of my students is the same. It even helped some students to become more independent and effective learners, especially my younger students.
This method of learning might not fit everybody, but I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t done so yet. You might be surprised about how well it works.

What do you need for the online lessons?

Besides a drum set or practice pad, you will need a computer to connect with me. I recommend using a laptop, because it’s flexible to set up, and the software on a laptop (and desktop computer) is better suited for online music lessons than the tablet or smartphone version. If you don’t have a laptop or desktop computer available, a tablet will work fine though.
Smartphones are not recommended due to their small screen size, but if that’s the only available choice, it is still better than nothing. I have done lessons via smartphone and it actually worked better than expected…

This is how it looks like in my online studio

Dennis Frehse giving online drum lessons. This is the view from camera 1.
Camera 1
Dennis Frehse giving online drum lessons. This is the view from camera 2.
Camera 2

about me

I am a professional drummer and music educator from Germany, living in Japan since 2009.
I have been teaching drums for more than 20 years; privately, at music schools and giving workshops.
I currently teach in the Jazz Department at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Kawasaki (Japan), and I give online private lessons to students around the world.

I studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA (class of ’04) and with a variety of private teachers. That alone doesn’t make a musician yet though – playing with others and hands-on experience does, and that I have plenty of.
I have done concerts and tours in Europe, the USA and Asia with musicians like Makoto Ozone, Branford Marsalis, Sadao Watanabe, Seiko Matsuda, Lisa Ono, Tomonao Hara, Seiichi Nakamura, Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr, Dan Nimmer, Martin Sasse, Michel Reis and Mike Tucker besides many others.
Venues have been from the tiniest Jazz Clubs in Tokyo to big outdoor festival sites in Korea and China, and from hotel lounges to big corporate events.
Recordings include various studio sessions for a wide range of artists as well as TV appearances in Japan for music shows and commercials.

You can find out more about my performance activities on my artist page: www.dennisfrehse.com

Get in touch

* if you don’t hear back from me within a day or two, please check your email spam folder.
You might find my reply email in there…

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